Some of Our Findings

Being diagnosed with MS can be scary but it doesn’t mean you are alone. In fact, there are an estimated 2.3 million people with MS according to the National MS Society and many more who don’t have MS but are here to support you.

At MS-CQI we are focused on helping improve the quality of Multiple Sclerosis Care– which means interacting with and learning from people with MS. As such, feeling good about yourself and your treatment options are just some of the many reasons MS-CQI would like to share our findings. During a Multiple Sclerosis conference in Stowe, Vermont of 2018, we were told by a variety of people in the MS community that one of the most frustrating things for patients in clinical research projects is that they never get to see the results of their labor. At MS-CQI we are committed to being transparent. That being said we do have to remind you that our study is considered research-in-progress. This means all reported outcomes from the study are not definite until the study is completed.

Below are some of our on-going patient-reported outcomes collected from people with MS across four participating clinic sites. Note that we reserve the right to all of our data. Anyone wishing to use the outcomes reported here must get permission from our PI, Dr. Brant J. Oliver.

Preliminary Results from the MS-CQI Study

*data was abstracted on 01/12/2019